Utililab System Optimizer


Improve your system's performance and protect it from viruses


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Utililab System Optimizer is a useful tool suite that can keep your machine protected and running smoothly.

The applications included in the suite are divided by function, among them: scanning, cleaning, optimization, backups, and security.

A scan will help you eliminate all of unnecessary and invalid entries in your registry, which will reduce system response time, since the computer will be consuming less memory.

When it comes to cleaning, you'll have tools for defragmenting, deleting worthless files, and even something to correct hard drive errors. You can free up space and avoid losing data all at the same time.

The tool even enables you to password-protect important files, make backup copies, and recover files that were deleted by accident.

Uninstall programs, solve performance problems, run programmed activities... all that and more is possible when using the Utililab System Optimizer.
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